5 super interesting facts about the Watergate Scandal

1- The tape that started off the Scandal was used by burglars to try to open the latches of the door. The scandal would’ve not come out if Frank Wills had not noticed the tape and notified the cops.

2- The Washington Post played a huge part in revealing the scandal but there were other publications that gave significant scoops about the scandal. The Newsday, The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times help majorly in breaking the scandal.

3- Alexander Butterfield had already disclosed the details of the Watergate Scandal to private investigators before he televised the hearings of Watergate in 1973.

4- The Supreme Court ordered Nixon to surrender the ‘smoking gun’ tape along with 64 other recordings, finally brought the investigation to an end. The tape consisted of Nixon ordering to find a cover up for the break-in.

5-There was a debate going on in the Justice Department about whether or not there should be Nixon Indictment after Nixon resigned. The debate was put to rest after a month following the pardon of Nixon.

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