5 Facts about America’s presidents

01. Is George Bush really America’s first Governor?

Bush started his presidential term in 1789 whereas the War of Independence ended in 1774. During this gap of six years, there were ‘15 presidential candidates’ who ‘collectively’ governed America, voted by a committee and not through public’s vote.

02. Inhabitation by Mole People: John Quincy

Known as one of the most stern, stubborn and senile Presidents in American History, one could might as well add ‘strange’ to his list of traits.
Habitating a ‘pet’ alligator and drilling a hole on the Arctic Circle are just a few of his Eccentric Ideas. The one’s which blew up quoted his motive to discover ‘the mole people who inhabited the Interior of the Earth.’

03. An Assisnation-to-be: Andrew Jackson

Referred to as ‘Old Hickory’, Jackson encountered Richard Lawerence, whose failed attempt at Assassinating the former (not once but twice), led him to receiving a beating from the former’s said ‘Hickory Stick’. 

04. A Vice-president imprisoned: Aaron Burr

Having served at the warfield, law court and engaging with flirtations of Politics, Burr’s skills were complemented with his hot-head. Though, this landed him straight from the comforts of Ruling Office to the Chambers of Prison for murdering Alexander Hamiliton (America’s Founding Fathers), in cold blood. what a scandal!

05. Honest Liar? Here’s how Grover Cleveland pulled of the Title

Cleveland was one of those masochists who’d like to suffer alone. Or at least that’s how his health stunt was perceived afterwards.

A man with great reigns, Cleveland was diagnosed with Cancer, but in secret! (Not even his own Vice President knew!) His cover story involved a 4-day fishing trip which was the time that took him to get his tumor removed.

To this day, this is perceived as nothing short of ‘An Act of God.’ You may also find these American presidential affairs and their scandalous facts interesting. 

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