5 Facts about Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is known to have orchestrated the World War II and also the deadly holocaust that killed
millions of Jews in Germany.
1. He was almost called Adolf Schicklgruber. Adolf’s father Alois was an illegitimate child of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. Alois initially had taken up his mother’s surname Schicklgruber. But later on he became legitimate after his stepfather Johan Georg Hiedler legally adopted him. Hieldler is also spelled as “Hitler”, “Hüttler”, “Huettler”. Hence Alois assumed the name Alois Hitler for an unknown
2. Hitler had been rejected twice from his dream college which was the Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts even though he had once passed the initial exam in 1907. The admissions committee decided that his drawing skills were unsatisfactory.
3. A major plan of Hitler was to completely eliminate Christianity in Germany. He believed that Islam or Japanese religious beliefs would have been more suitable for Germans.
4. A social democratic member of the Swedish parliament Erik Gottfrid Christian Brandt nominated Adolf Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize but the nominations were cancelled and nobody won the award.
5. It is said that some spies who were always in close distance of Hitler had planned to add female hormones i.e. estrogen to his food as many thought that he would become less agressive if a feminine side of him were to come forth.

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